Sideline Only Local Orthopedic Surgeon Using Smith & Nephew PICO Wound Dressing

The PICO Single Use NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) System improves predictability in wound healing and reduces complications following orthopedic surgical procedures known as “total joints.” Total joint replacements include primary hip and knee replacements, procedures Sideline’s Bart Eastwood, D.O., frequently performs.

Dr. Eastwood notes that “We are the only ones using this unique dressing for our postop total joints. [The PICO dressing] reduces the hassle of dressing changes. It reduces wound and infection complications, as well.”

The Advantages of Postoperative PICO

PICO provides suction known as negative wound pressure therapy, which draws out excess fluid from a wound while protecting the closed surgical incision from infection. Negative pressure wound therapy has been around since the 1990s, but traditionally it required the use of bulky and inconvenient mechanical pumps which restricted patients’ postoperative mobility and activities during the healing process.

The PICO is a canister-free, pocket-sized device with a proprietary absorbent layer in its dressing which moves fluid away from the wound while initiating fluid evaporation. The pump attached to the dressing is programmed to provide negative pressure for seven days and comes with an extra dressing. Patients can use the PICO on their own post-discharge if needed, with the help of a patient instruction sheet and guidance from their doctors.

As postoperative patients, Dr. Eastwood’s PICO patients enjoy fewer dressing changes, proven reduction in superficial and deep surgical site complications and enhanced freedom and mobility. Better patient outcomes are what Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine consistently aims to achieve.

If you would like to consult with Dr. Eastwood about an orthopedic surgical procedure, please contact us at (540) 552-7133 or request an appointment online. Some of the information for this blog was obtained from Smith & Nephew research materials.

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