Common Causes of Painful Hips

By | 2017-07-06T10:41:03+00:00 July 15th, 2017|Blog|

Do you have pain in one or both hips? Mild to severe hip pain is a common symptom as we age, from contact sports, overuse injuries and other causes. At Sideline Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, we may see a patient’s hip pain presenting in one or more of these areas: the outside (lateral) part of [...]

Part I: Preventing or Managing Diabetic Foot

By | 2017-07-06T16:01:33+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Blog|

Diabetic foot is a condition that occurs as a result of having diabetes. It can lead to several foot conditions, including foot ulcers, soft tissue damage and foot deformities. When injuries are left untreated, they can sometimes become serious and may even lead to amputation. Preventive measures and podiatrist-managed foot care are key elements in [...]

Morton’s Neuroma

By | 2017-05-14T21:22:03+00:00 June 15th, 2017|Blog|

Thinking of buying some pretty high-heeled summer sandals? Our new foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Robert Schopf, diagnoses and treats many cases of foot pain and damage brought on by choosing pumps over flats for the office or after hours. One important condition resulting from high heels and/or too-tight shoes is called Morton’s Neuroma. What [...]

Verilast Technology Stands the Test of Time

By | 2017-10-11T10:55:42+00:00 June 1st, 2017|Blog|

If you’re injured as young athlete or hurting persistently from osteoarthritis, you may be contemplating a knee replacement. Did you know that the unique knee replacement technology called Verilast is the one that will last 30 percent longer? Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine’s Dr. Bart Eastwood, a specialist in total knee replacement, trusts Verilast technology [...]

Tips for Race Day

By | 2017-05-17T20:45:08+00:00 May 17th, 2017|Blog|

You have put all of the hard work in and you are ready for the big day tomorrow. Wow - you have to run 13.1 miles tomorrow. Let’s go over some tips that will help you make it through this run. The goal is to finish uninjured. These tips will help you avoid a sprain, [...]

ACL Injuries in Youth Athletes

By | 2017-05-07T15:27:41+00:00 May 1st, 2017|Blog|

Whether you are watching your child dodge defenders racing down the football field, dribble and cut across the basketball court, or slide into home base, something you don't want to see is your youth athlete drop to the ground and clutch his or her knee. Knee injuries are painful and frightening. At Sideline Orthopedics and [...]

Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Welcomes Dr. Robert Schopf, Podiatric Specialist

By | 2017-05-07T15:28:34+00:00 April 18th, 2017|Blog|

Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Blacksburg, VA, welcomes Dr. Robert Schopf to the practice. Dr. Schopf joins the Sideline team as a foot and ankle specialist serving Blacksburg, VA, and the surrounding communities. Dr. Schopf earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. He earned [...]

Customized Knee Replacements

By | 2017-05-07T15:30:11+00:00 April 1st, 2017|Blog|

Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Blacksburg, VA, is pleased to offer an improved knee replacement procedure, which merges the precision of engineering with the advanced skills of orthopedic surgery to offer patients customized knee replacements. This advanced knee replacement procedure minimizes postsurgical complications and promotes an accelerated recovery time. A knee replacement is most [...]

Tendinitis: What You Need To Know

By | 2017-03-12T10:53:18+00:00 March 15th, 2017|Blog|

At Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we see patients with tendinitis frequently, either from repetitive-strain sports injuries or on-the-job repetitive- motion injuries. Tendinitis causes pain and tenderness just outside a joint, most commonly occurring in patients’ shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, knees and at the back of their heels. Tendons are the strong bands or cords [...]

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