Tips for Race Day

running orthopedist Blacksburg, VAYou have put all of the hard work in and you are ready for the big day tomorrow. Wow – you have to run 13.1 miles tomorrow. Let’s go over some tips that will help you make it through this run. The goal is to finish uninjured. These tips will help you avoid a sprain, strain, or tear on race day.

Carb up before bed

You will need the calories from carbohydrates, along with some protein, to sustain yourself for the entirety of your run. Of course, it’s also good to prepare by eating carbohydrates the entire week leading up to the half-marathon. The right carbohydrates will help prevent you from burning out before the race is over.

Eat breakfast

You will need fuel in the morning, and you likely want it readily accessible. You can assemble smoothie ingredients or cook up something tasty and light you can eat in the morning. Do not skip breakfast right before your race. Hitting the wall means you could slow down, but it also means you could pass out if your body isn’t fueled up and ready to go.


Stretching is critical when playing any sport. Properly warming up will allow your muscles to work more efficiently for you. Flexibility will keep you more stable as you run and reduce the risk of falls. Plan to stretch for a good bit the morning of your race. When your race is complete, you will want to stretch again to maintain your flexibility and avoid cramping.


This extends beyond race day. Get your fill of water in days leading up to and following your half-marathon. This is especially important if you are running on a hot day. Heat stroke is not an uncommon condition for runners in the spring and summer months, but drinking water can help prevent dehydration.

Finishing your run is an important milestone. Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine encourages all athletes to prepare adequately for sports activities to help prevent injuries. We know it is always more fun to stay in the game! If you are experiencing an injury or pain or would like to schedule an appointment call 540.552.7133.

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