Customized Knee Replacements

customized knee replacement Blacksburg VASideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Blacksburg, VA, is pleased to offer an improved knee replacement procedure, which merges the precision of engineering with the advanced skills of orthopedic surgery to offer patients customized knee replacements. This advanced knee replacement procedure minimizes postsurgical complications and promotes an accelerated recovery time.

A knee replacement is most commonly offered to patients who have advanced stages of osteoarthritis. The pain of worn cartilage leading to bone on bone friction can limit mobility and compromise quality of life.

What is a Customized Knee Replacement?

A successful knee replacement depends on its precise alignment of the femur and tibia, the upper and lower bones connecting at the knee. Knee implants are manufactured in standard sizes, but all people are different. During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon has to make decisions on where to cut the bones to place the implant based on visual inspection.

The customized knee replacement procedure is cutting-edge technology. It offers a more accurate assessment of where to cut the bones so the knee implant fits perfectly for each individual. With this new technology, the improved alignment of the implant increases the life of the knee by decreasing wear. It is also less invasive, as surgeons do not have to drill holes into the femur and tibia, reducing blood loss and swelling.

How Does It Work?

An MRI scan is performed of the knee. The MRI scan is then sent to an engineer at a medical device company to make a 3D model of the knee joint on the computer. The medical device company produces a custom-made surgical template of the patient’s exact bone structure using 3D computer technology and 3D printing. This aligns the patient’s bones more accurately so the surgeon no longer has to estimate cuts during surgery.

The next stage in the process involves applying the implant to the 3D model on the computer and performing virtual surgery on the bone model. The engineer can progressively align the implant to the patient’s specific anatomy until it fits perfectly. During the virtual surgery, the computer records every bone cut. The engineer then sends the virtual surgery to the orthopedic surgeon for approval. Once the surgeon approves the surgical plan, the medical device company manufactures the knee implant based on each patient’s anatomy.  

The implant is mailed to the surgeon with the screw holes already precisely made, taking the estimation out of the surgical process. Surgeons can make accurate cuts during surgery, offering a better postoperative outcome and recovery.

If you are contemplating knee replacement surgery and are interested in learning more about the customized knee replacement procedure, please call Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine today at (540) 552-7133.

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